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DJ Rockblast
Renderform character
DJ Rockblast toy
Created by

Release number

RF-003, RF-003C, RF-003R
Species Transformer


Alternate mode


DJ Rockblast is a third-party Transformer set made by Renderform in 2010.


The RF-003 DJ Rockblast Upgrade Kit is for the Universe Blaster mold, which is a straight repaint of Cybertron Soundwave. This upgrade kit came in three versions, with various parts. There were two main helmet designs. One “Retro” helmet, featuring a rounded design like the G1 Blaster head. And “Cyber” helmet, more angular to match the figure’s blockier design from the Cybertron series. All sets came with at least two difference faces. A cartoon style face, and a G1 toy style face. A G1 comic style face was exclusive to the Full Set. A updated large rifle was included, as well as a backpack accessory, which allowed the large rifle to be carried on the back, or store the original guns the figure came with. As well, the backpack doubled as a gun. A surprise mini rifle was included. As well, 2 chest stickers, designed by Alex from Gotham Collectibles. All kits came with a collectors card.


DJ Rockblast was released in 2010.



  • Renderform RF-003 DJ Rockblast (2010)
Limited to 100 pieces.
The rifle and gun mold from this set were later used for the Gothic Mayhem Weapons Pack and Sonic Blast Pack.
  • Renderform RF-003C DJ Rockblast Cyber Set (2010)
Limited to 100 pieces.
  • Renderform RF-003R DJ Rockblast Retro Set (2010)
Limited to 100 pieces.



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