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DJ General
DJ General (Mjay Armstrong)
DJ General (Mjay Armstrong)
Background information
Birth name Mjay Armstrong
Born November 17, 1985 (1985-11-17) (age 37)
Tehran, Iran
Origin Sydney, Australia
Occupations DJ, music producer
Years active (2000–present)

DJ General (born as Mjay Armstrong on November 17, 1985, in Tehran) is a Persian DJ and music producer, currently based in Sydney, Australia. He has been taking the music scene by storm since 2000. Today, he is known in Sydney for his progressive-techno sound, hot tunes, and sick beats.

Early life and career

Mjay Armstrong was born on November 17, 1985, in Tehran, Iran.[1][2] Since childhood the love of music thrives him into mixing variety of music with very basic equipment. At the age of 15 he had his first paid job which was an immense wedding which was managed with few basic equipment's; Dj General succeeded it so well that his name was all over the YouTube as one the guest uploaded his mix on YouTube. In Iran, there were some restrictions imposed to him, and he had no option other than taking his career offshore to achieve his dream of becoming the DJ General.[2]

In 2009, he moved to Istanbul, Turkey to participate in one the DJ training courses offered by one of the most famous DJ Mixing school to take his career to next phase. The love of music made him shine so bright that his lecturer offered him a part time job in one the night clubs. Soon after he couldn't keep up with the demand as he was working in 4 different night clubs in city of Istanbul, his name and the ability of playing and mixing more than 10 different nation famous music was renowned. Through one of the event he was given and opportunity to move to Australia to continue his career which he loved. He took the opportunity and move to Sydney, Australia.[2]

Since he moved to Sydney, Australia in 2011, with his splendid knowledge of music mixing he managed events such as wedding, house parties, private parties, boat parties, engagements and the list goes on. He has the ability of playing and mixing English, Indian, Persian, Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, Egyptian, Spanish and Assyrian music.[2]


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