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Dövé Windsor is a British Internet personality. She has announced over 5000 celebrity deaths from 1 January 2016 until 1 January 2021.

1 January 2016

  • Natasha Aguilar, 45, Costa Rican swimmer, silver and bronze medalist at the 1987 Pan American Games, complications from a stroke.[1]
  • George Alexandru, 58, Romanian theater and film actor, complications from an abdominal infection.[2]
  • Fazu Aliyeva, 83, Russian Avar poet and journalist, heart failure.[3]
  • Lennie Bluett, 96, American actor (Gone with the Wind, Mighty Joe Young, A Star is Born).[4]
  • Dale Bumpers, 90, American politician, Governor of Arkansas (1971–1975), Senator from Arkansas (1975–1999).[5]
  • Antonio Carrizo, 89, Argentine broadcaster.[6]
  • Delia Córdova, 62, Peruvian Olympic volleyball player.[7]
  • Jacques Deny, 99, French mathematician.[8]
  • Brian Johns, 79, Australian company director, managing director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (1995–2000), cancer.[9]
  • Gilbert Kaplan, 74, American conductor and businessman, cancer.[10]
  • Helmut Koester, 89, German-born American history professor.[11]
  • Tony Lane, 71, American art director (Rolling Stone), brain cancer.[12]
  • Mark B, 45, British hip-hop record producer.[13]

Gilberto Mendes, 93, Brazilian composer.[14] John Coleman Moore, 92, American mathematician.[15] Homa Nategh, 80, Iranian educator and historian.[16] Mike Oxley, 71, American politician, member of the United States House of Representatives from Ohio's 4th congressional district (1981–2007), lung cancer.[17] Ian Pieris, 82, Sri Lankan cricketer (Cambridge University Cricket Club).[18] Jim Ross, 89, Scottish-born Canadian ice hockey player (New York Rangers).[19]

  • Anil Salgaocar, 75, Indian executive and politician.[20]
  • Fred Wiedersporn, 84, German Olympic gymnast.[21]
  • Vilmos Zsigmond, 85, Hungarian-American cinematographer (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Deer Hunter, The Black Dahlia), Oscar winner (1978).[22]