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What is Cyberwebnic ?

Cyberwebnic International is a well-established and respected Internet Security company specializing in Anti-Phishing solutions.

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Digital Brand Protection is a well-established and respected Internet Security company
Native name Cyberwebnic Inc
Residence United States
Nationality United States
  • Cyber Security, Cyber solution
Years active 2022- present
Known for Digital Brand protection .

I founded Cyberwebnic in 2022 as an information website to educate consumers about different types of Internet fraud. I soon realised there was a need to help businesses fight back against phishing attacks and other online fraud. As I grew the business, I became engrossed and passionate about shutting down the criminal activities that were taking advantage of hard-working and dedicated businesses. I didn’t care if the businesses were small start-ups or large enterprises. It didn’t matter! I wanted my company to be at the forefront of shutting down this criminal activity to protect my clients. My team and I have grown the business to service hundreds of clients and thousands of brands across the globe, and we continue to develop services to help protect businesses from digital brand threats. Our head office is in Melbourne, Australia, which houses our 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre (SOC). I spent a number of years in our office in San Francisco understanding the US markets and further finessing our products based around a larger network of international clients. We have an office in Dubai and London, and other sales teams scattered around the world. We are a truly global organisation and are incredibly fortunate to have multilingual staff members. Our “never give up” attitude has enabled us to become a world-leader in the Anti-Phishing and Online Brand Protection industry. Our range of Digital Brand Protection solutions will save businesses from financial losses, brand damage and online abuse. Our team of security professionals work around the clock to provide digital brand protection services to our clients around the world. We’re a cybersecurity company who aggressively track and take down Phishing sites, Malware sites, fake Domains, impersonating Social Media Profiles, and fake Mobile Apps. Our fast takedown of these threats provides real financial benefits to our clients.

Cyberwebnic Service

Cyberwebnic is a global organisation protecting over 4000 brands against the dangers of online fraud. Our Melbourne-based Security Operations Centre (SOC) comprises expert analysts who are dedicated to tracking and removing phishing and malware sites, trademark infringements and fake social media profiles and mobile apps. Our team operates 24x7x365, as we understand immediate detection and action is critical for online brand protection. Renowned for having the fastest SLAs in the industry, as well as 100% takedown success, our in-house proprietary anti-phishing tools have enabled us to become world-leaders in the online brand protection industry. *