Cuisine of the Pitcairn Islands and Norfolk Island

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Food made from fish and palm leaves

The cuisine of the Pitcairn Islands is not very developed, because only 50 people live there. The most traditional meal is pota, mash from palm leaves and coconut.[1] Tropical plants are abundantly used because they grow here. These include: basil, breadfruit, sugar cane, coconut, bananas and beans. Meat mainly uses fish and pork. A palm leaf is used in this cuisine. Because most of the population is from the UK, the cuisine is influenced by British cuisine, for example, the meat pie.[2]

The cuisine of Norfolk Island is very similar to that of the Pitcairn Islands, as Norfolk Islanders trace their origins to Pitcairn. The local cuisine is a blend of British cuisine and Tahitian cuisine.[3][4]

Recipes from Norfolk Island of Pitcairn origin include mudda (green banana dumplings) and kumara pilhi.[5][6] The islands cuisine also contains American influences not found in Pitcairn, such as chopped salads and fruit pies, due to the influences of American whalers.[7]

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