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Crystal City is a location on the planet Cybertron in several incarnations of the Transformers series.


Generation 1

Animated series

Crystal City was originally featured as one of the most beautiful cities on Cybertron, home to the Constructicons and watched over by Omega Supreme. Sadly, it was destroyed after Megatron used his Robo-Smasher to corrupt the Constructicons; this would set Omega on a path of revenge against the Decepticons.

IDW Publishing

In IDW Publishing's The Transformers, the Torchbearers sent the Rust Renegades team to locate Crystal City's ruins after the formation of the Council of Worlds. While there they found Windblade, who had recently been attacked by Arcee; the violent female Autobot was attempting to destroy the Enigma of Combination. However, her attempt inadvertently led to the creation of Victorion.

Aligned Continuity


In Transformers: Exodus, Crystal City is featured in a similar role, with the additions of it being a scientific center and the rumored location of the Matrix of Leadership. Sadly, it is destroyed during the Great War.