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Creative Youths is a socio-economic development organization formed by a few school children in Bangladesh. By providing many freelancing services including designing, web-development, web-designing, these students form a fund and spend it on good food and entertainment for street children.


Creative Youths is a Bangladeshi socio-economic development organization founded by a group of schoolchildren. These students create a fund and spend money on decent food and amusement for street children by providing a variety of freelance services such as designing, web development, and web design. Official Site


Creative Youths was formed during Ramadan 2019 by a group of well-known students from Dhanmondi Government Boys High School. Mainly Nafis Mahmud is the organizer.


The organization, based in Agargaon and Mohammadpur, tries to help street youngsters live a decent life and avoid crime in a religious way.