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Born Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Nationality United Kingdom
Occupation SEO specialist, Digital Marketer, Trainer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Craig Campbell (born 3rd February 1980) is a Digital Marketing speaker, SEO Specialist, Entrepreneur and trainer based in Glasgow in the United Kingdom. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, he has gone from freelancer to agency owner and now is a regular trainer and speaker at events all over the world.[1][2]

Career & Life Style

Craig Campbell was born on 3rd February 1980 in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. Like many others he started out SEO as a hobby learning more about it by reading books and learning on forums, this was back in the early 2000s, there was no Facebook Groups it was a case of jumping on forums where everyone had a nickname ( they didn’t use their own names ) and people would chat and share stories about what was working for them. One particular forum he enjoyed and got a lot out of was the ” SEO Chat Forum ” which is still there to this day.[3]

Names that stick out who were top of the game SEO’s at that time were, Fathom, Kernel Panic and a well known current SEO, DR Marie Haynes who was a vet prior to getting into SEO.

Within a few years, He was able to build up enough on the side that he could leave his day job and start doing some SEO for other people in around 2004. So He made a little home office and worked comfortably while still continuing to learn from the comfort of his own home.

Craig has spoken at leading industry events such as Ad world Conference, Affiliate World Europe, Brighton SEO, Search Leeds, SEO Rockstars, Chiang Mai SEO and many other marketing and business summits. Known for his direct approach to marketing and has a great personality which makes him a very popular figure.[4]

Agency Life

A few years in He started to get lazy and demotivated working at home, so He decided to go down to a local business centre and see if they had a small office that he could rent, which they allowed his to do and this allowed his a place to go and work and try and get some routine.[5]

Before He knew it he then hired a sales guy and a content writer and was asking the office space if He could move to a bigger room which they had no problem doing. He continued to grow the agency and at one point had 17 staff in his office in Glasgow, which is some going given he never actually set out to build an agency, it kind of just happened.

But this was a successful period where He was still learning, whilst doing SEO successfully for local clients, and went on to win national and international clients whilst running the agency. But after about 9 or 10 years of running an agency, I started to struggle, He was working all the hours he could and was struggling to scale. he wasn’t good at delegation and scaling up a business so he hit the ceiling with that agency in terms of where I would scale the business because it was such a poor set up and the right processes were not in place and it was a lot of stress and not a huge amount of profit.[6]

Digital Marketing Speaker

Craig Campbell enjoy speaking at conferences and events sharing his tips, advice and knowledge to people all over the world, it’s his way of travelling the world and also learning more skills along the way, it’s amazing the conversations you end up having whilst speaking to the other guys at these conferences, and he don’t just mean other speakers, attendees very often are doing amazing things and he can pick up a lot of knowledge and experience on the road.[7]

Some of the events He has been fortunate to speak at, or ones that He is lined up to speak at are:

  • Chiang Mai SEO
  • Brighton SEO
  • Search Leeds
  • Affiliate World Europe
  • NFG Rockstars
  • SEMRush Conference India
  • MB Summit Milan

He enjoy sharing knowledge and tips with others and hopefully will have a lot more speaking events going into 2021.

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