Convocation of Bassylia

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The Convocation of Bassylia one of the legions in the Mythic Legions fictional setting.

Mythic Legions


Masters of the magical arts, these warriors were assembled to combat the evil that lies at the very center of the Circle of Poxxus. The Convocation are the most mysterious of all the heroic armies, and they are sometimes feared by the very ones they seek to protect.

Facebook describes her as a "spel-caster".
  • B'alam (ML2, Heroic Male Jaguallian Mage)
With direct ties to the great beasts of the first age, B'Alam has ancient magic coursing through his veins. Coupled with the ability to speak to and harness the power of the animals around him, his abilities are as all-encompassing and diverse as the wildlife of Mythoss itself. Along with Jorund Runeshaper and the High Council of Bassylia, B'Alam has been instrumental in building the ever-growing mystical force that emanates from a magical stronghold high atop the Evergray Mountains.
Facebook mentions her namesake staff through which she focuses her powerful energies - the Serpenspire!
One of the mysterious magic wielders from the Evergray Mountains, Jorund Runeshaper is a great harnesser of the natural elements. While Dwarves are not typically known for learning the magical arts, Jorund showed great promise from a very young age. Wizened and hardened by years of conflict, he is not only a powerful warrior, but also a mentor and a guiding voice to his allies.



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