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realjamesh (James Haworth) has been involved in numerous controversies including political related backlash.

Timeline of controversies

August 2020 Haworth view-botted a video by then US president Donald Trump on the platform Triller. Over 100 million views were added by James over the span of a week to the first video posted on the account. After James published a now private YouTube video detailing the process and target account, Trump, he received backlash suggesting the view-botting was in favour of the then president. realjamesh has denied all claims of political motivation stating the video and actions behind it were for entertainment and experimentation only.

Hours he published the video his newly-verified and fast growing Triller account was banned due to violating their terms of service. However, in late 2020 the account was reinstated after Triller decided the video was harmless and the view counts on botted videos restored. Haworth is yet to use Triller since the incident.

Later the same year in November of 2020 his Twitter account was the target of more political backlash after it was revealed he had liked tweets by politicians known to be controversial. The account was made private then after continued response to the account Haworth was suspended from Twitter. As of July 2021 his account has been restored and blanked with the username @realjameshcs.

Early 2020 during the founding of Verified Handles realjamesh was criticised over alleged political bias on entries in the database however no conclusive evidence of bias has been found.

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