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Constellation HomeBuilder Systems
Type Private
Industry Construction Management Software

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is a Canadian company known as one of the largest providers of construction management software and services in the building industry. Their software solutions facilitate home builders with information to drive construction business objectives and simplify the process of building homes so they can maximize their return on investment.[1]

Constellation provides innovative solutions as standalone or integrated ERP systems, and their team of home-building software experts bridges the gap between construction and technology. The software is built on the feedback and best practices provided by their customers – top-performing home builders across North America.[1]


  • Constellation was founded in 2004. The same year, the company acquired NEWSTAR, FAST, and CFT to form Constellation HomeBuilder Systems.[2] In 2005, the company hosted its first Customer Conference in Toronto.[2]
  • In 2005, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems hosted their first Customer Conference in Toronto, Canada.
  • In 2006, Constellation acquired Builder360 and BuildSoft. The same year, the initial public offering of Constellation Software was announced.[2]
  • In 2010, Constellation acquired BuildTopia and Sales1440.[2]
  • In 2014, Constellation acquired Conasys Homeowner Care.[3][4]
  • In 2016, Constellation began offering customer satisfaction consulting and surveys with the addition of Woodland O’Brien & Scott.[5][6][7]
  • In 2017, Constellation unveiled brand new products and services at PCBC 2017.[8]
  • In 2019, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems hosted the 9th Annual CustomerInsight H.O.M.E. Awards.[9]
  • In 2021, Constellation came up with a technology that helps builders go digital and improve homebuying experience at IBSx 2021.[10]
  • In 2022, Constellation introduced game-changing Industry Data Platform at Build Smarter Conference.[11]
  • In January 2023, Constellation showcased opportunities for the evolving homebuilder at IBS 2023.[12]

Products and services

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems provides software solutions for home builders and developers.[13][14]

Construction Management Software Solutions

Constellation offers Construction Management Software Solutions such as:

Complete ERP Systems

Purchasing and Estimating Solutions

Land Management Solutions

Accounting and Finance

Sales and Design Software Tools

Homeowner Portals and Surveys

Listings and Lead Management Solutions

Construction Management Software and Field Tools


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