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Codesoftic Tech Private Limited
Founded 2015
Founder Sandip Jhamb and Abhinandan Jhamb
Founded at Sri Muktsar Sahib
Type Private Limited
Legal Status Active
Regd Office 3054,Kheta Ram Street, Sri Muktsar Sahib(152026)
Co-operate Office A-306, Bestech Business Tower, Mohali(160066), IN
Managing Director Abhinandan Jhamb
CEO Sandip Jhamb

Codesoftic Tech Private Limited

Codesoftic is one of the best companies in the domain of web development and app development. Since its start date 20 august 2015, the company went through a roller coaster ride, and today it stands as one of the top companies in the market. 20 August 2021 marks the completion of 6 years of the company, and it can proudly say that it has catered to the needs of thousands of clients during six years and has consistently gained good reviews from clients. The journey of six years has been that of success, and this story of success will continue for the years to come.

Our company made a name by working in the development domain and sectors like internet marketing and providing SEO services and cloud services. We also offer technical solutions to many small, mid, and large-scale operational companies around the world. We have a great IT support team ready to help you solve all the technical difficulties.


Codesoftic Tech Private Limited was founded in 2015 by Sandip Jhamb, and Abhinandan Jhamb. Abhinandan Jhamb, Codesoftic Tech Private Limited's Managing Director started working to develop softwares for companies like schools, hospitals,finance companies and many more.

Benefits of working with codesoftic:

1. Chance to work with the latest technology: if you wish to work on domains like web development and app development and wish to know the newest trend in the market, hen codesoftic is the right stop for it. We work on various platforms like PHP, WordPress, Drupal, magneto. These technologies are in demand by clients all over the globe. Working on this platform gives you good technical exposure and a chance to work with great minds.

2. Good work culture: when you are working with a company, the company becomes your second home. So, it is very important that the environment you are working in is good. We at codesoftic provide you good work culture that allows you to increase your work potential and creativity. Healthy work culture is essential not only for work but also helps you to maintain a balance amongst your work life and your private life. We strictly believe that work life and private life should not intersect and that's why our work is limited till the work time only and allows you to spend quality time with family.

3. Working with international clients: the internet has worked as a bridge that has helped to interconnect the entire world. Today our company is very proud to say that we have 2000+ worldwide clients who are completely satisfied with our work. Our team works remotely but operates in the entire world. We provide technical support to many international clients and also help them to grow their business. Hence, if you work with us, you get to work with international clients and help increase your own potential and dynamic.

4. Scope of learning: we believe that working and learning always go hand in hand, and the scope of learning never ends. When you work in domains like SEO, web development, or app development, you get to learn internationally recognized skills. We also try to upgrade ourselves continuously and expose our employees to the latest technology available.

Services offered at Codesoftic:

1. Graphics and design: designing is a challenging field and requires a lot of creativity to go with. We have a team of extremely dedicated designers who are always ready to their hundred percent and create unique, inspiring designs. These designs can enhance your website and app look and make it look more attractive to people.

2. Web development: developing a website for your business has become a necessity these days. Making a great website is a very complex process as it requires working in various languages. Our designers make unique and great website layouts. We work on various frameworks like HTML, Django, and PHP to provide the ultimate website you need. We use the latest technologies to provide our clients with a great user interface, and the best thing is that all this comes at a very economical cost.

3. Digital marketing: if you wish to expand your business and use the internet as a tool to do it, then you surely want to go for digital marketing. We offer professional SEO services that include various steps like including keywords, optimizing the content, and earned media links. Our expert research team analyzes your business framework and your website, and after proper comparison, it gives you the report of where your website stands to your competitors and solutions to improve it. All this will lead to increased traffic to your website and help generate more revenue.

4. Mobile app development: making an application for your business model is key to increasing the number of users. Our highly professional team of developers works on cloud-connected cross platforms to develop cross-platform mobile applications that can work on android, iOS, or even windows. Our apps come with a very smooth user interface making their use very simple. The applications are developed on some popular frameworks like Xamarin, Cordova, and React native.

Our moto

Many companies are working in the domain of web development, digital marketing, and app development. But our company, since its inception, has believed in providing high-quality content and also work on the latest technology to make our clients happy. We wish to help our clients to boost their business and make an impact on the digital world. We provide support starting from building the website from scratch and even marketing the content that leads to a lot of increase in traffic and a good impression among the customers.

The last six years were awesome. By god’s grace, we received many clients and did our best to give them the best quality product we can. Our hardworking team is the reason that we have more than 2000 happy and satisfied clients with us. Even in the pandemic, we are working efficiently and providing the best results to our clients. 20 August 2021 will officially mark the completion of our six years journey, and moving forward, and we wish to serve our clients the same way for the many six years to come.

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