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Coastal Media Brand is a digital marketing agency from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina providing website development and online marketing strategies. History The company was founded in 2016 by Justin Malonson. In the first years, the company functioned as Malonson's self-employed freelancer business. He focused on the effectiveness of brand marketing, studying user behavior, website bounce rate, individual pages performance. Based on these observations, he created marketing strategies identifying the specific audience and the value offered to this audience through a clear message, both on the web design business website and on social media platforms.

After building a portfolio of successful projects, the effectiveness of his approach became better known and the company expanded. Malonson managed to develop the company without taking loans or investment money. In 2017, Coastal Media Brand was named as the best website design company in South Carolina by the National Website Design Awards as well as being awarded best SEO Firm in South Carolina by Google Partner Team. In 2018, the company moved its headquarters to 21st Ave N. in the heart of Myrtle Beach, eventually expanding the location to two offices the same year.

Coastal Media Brand developed websites and online strategies for clients like Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, Bass Pro Shops, Sotheby's Realty, AT&T, White House Black Market, the Federal Inquirer, Milliken and Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

In February 2020, at the request of a reporter from The Federal Inquirer (Brittany Jordan), Coastal Media Brand uncovered the unorthodox ways the company My Pillow managed to over come being shadow banned by Google's search engine (upon finding out, Google "buried" My Pillow's search results).

In December 2020, the company was featured on Harvard Business Review as one of the leading website design businesses in the world that have started to rival more established digital agencies. The marketing effectiveness approach of the company was covered in various other newspaper articles (like The Washington Post or Fox News) and television segments (like CNBC, Fox Business Network, Reuters or Bloomberg TV).

Ratings and Awards In 2017, Coastal Media Brand was named as the best website design company in South Carolina.

In 2017, Coastal Media Brand Named best SEO Firm in South Carolina.

In 2019, Coastal Media Brand Named Named Best Web Design Agency.

In 2020, Coastal Media Brand Named Named Best Web Design Agency.