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Christopher Barry
Christopher Barry
Christopher Barry
Born April 26, 2000
Huntington Beach, California
Occupation Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

Christ Barry (born Christopher Barry on April 26, 2000)[1] is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker from the United States. He is now a mental health promoter, an author, and a business coach. He is the CEO of Trillion Dollar Closers[2] and Valvito E-Commerce,[3] as well as the founder of Barry Group LLC.[4]

Early Life

Chris Barry was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, before attending Northeastern University in Boston. Chris' creative spirit was sparked at university by the supportive culture he encountered there. Chris was motivated to become a mentor at the school's best entrepreneurship program while at university. Here, he honed his entrepreneurial abilities and oversaw programs that helped hundreds of students expand their companies.


He founded Barry Group LLC, which he later enlarged with the acquisition of two new businesses: Trillion Dollar Closers,[5] a closing firm, and Valvito E-commerce, a jewelry company.

Barry Group LLC

Barry Group LLC is founded in August of 2020.[6]

Trillion Dollar Closers

Trillion Dollar Closer is founded in December of 2020.[7]


Valvito business is invented in August of 2020 in partnership with Christian Jewelry.[8]

Media Coverage

Barry ran a video blog called Chris Barry on YouTube, which included five series: All About Industry, Travel, FAQs, Motivational and Mindset, and Behind the Scenes.[9]

Five Series Introduction