Chetan Rana

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Chetan Rana
Chetan Rana
Native name Chetan Rana
Born Chetan Rana
Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
Residence Delhi
Nationality Indian
Education Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Social Science & Network Engineering Diploma
Alma mater DN Degree College, Meerut
Occupation Director, Social Worker
Years active 10
Home town Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
Height 1.70 m

Chetan Rana was born in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh on 21st January 1990.[1] He is a Social worker and entrepreneur.

Chetan is a visionary in the field of philanthropic works. He has dedicated his life to helping the poor and bringing a change to the life of needy people. In this consumeristic and self-centered world of today, there are very few people who think of others before thinking about their own profit or goals. Chetan Rana is one such individual who has always placed importance on the development of his local community than his own.[2]

Early Life

Chetan spent his childhood in Bulandshahr where his father worked as a farmer and his mother was a social worker. He has done his B.A. in social science and then accomplished Network Engineering from DN College, Meerut 2009.[3][4]


Chetan moved to Delhi in 2010 and started his professional career there. He is a former IT employee who learned business acumen and how to deal with various strata of society when working as an IT representative.

In 2016 he took the bold decision of leaving his job and pursuing his dream of becoming an entrepreneur when he established his company. From a small company with few people, today it is a well-known establishment which has provided very sought-after jobs in his city. [5]

Personal Life

Being from a modest family, Chetan Rana knows that people who are in dire situations need compassion and empathy from others above everything else. So, he treats everyone with kindness and care that has been drilled into him by his parents from an early age. He also worked hard to provide not just for himself but also for his siblings. The loss of his father in 2015 was a blow to him as he was then planning to switch careers and hadn't started his own business. The fact that his father couldn't see his success as a businessperson is a regret that Chetan Rana always has.[6]

Social Works

Just being an entrepreneur or a well-known businessperson has never been the goal of Chetan Rana; he always had a fervor for helping those who need help, a character trait he got from his mother who was a well-known social worker. The COVID outbreak of 2020 prompted him more on his journey to becoming a full-fledged social worker as he saw his compatriot suffering from the hardships brought on by the lockdowns. The poorest of his town were the most disadvantaged group and Chetan set out to help them.

The biggest problem he saw his fellow city dwellers were facing, was getting daily necessities and essential drugs. So, he organized a group of volunteers who went door-to-door to provide these to those who couldn't go out. Plus, he helped daily wage earners and others who were most hit economically by offering essential food and home items. He was already working with this section of the society before the pandemic by providing help to needy students, offering winter clothes to the homeless, and other such endeavors.[7]

Chetan Rana is not one of those “social workers” who work to show themselves in the limelight and in social media. He is one of those people who work in silence for the betterment of society. His motto is simple; if I can do something for society, why shouldn’t I do it. The joy that he sees in the face of the people he has helped is his motivation to do even more for society. Aged just 30, he is a shining example of today’s youth who have succeeded as entrepreneurs in India.


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