Chelsea Bunn

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Chelsea Bunn
File:Chelsea Bunn.jpg
Born New York City, New York
Occupation Poet
Subjects Grief and loss, addiction and recovery, relationships


Chelsea Bunn (born in New York City, New York) is an American poet and educator living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.[1]


Bunn earned her MFA in Poetry and her BA in English at Hunter College in New York, where she received a teaching fellowship, a Norma Lubetsky Friedman Scholarship, and taught creative writing for eleven years.[2] She was a finalist for the Lit Fest Fellowship for Emerging Writers and a semi-finalist for the New Women's Voices Chapbook Competition in 2018.Her work has appeared in the Georgetown Review and Apathy Magazine and has twice received the Academy of American Poets Prize.[3] Bunn currently serves as Assistant Professor of Creative Writing for the BFA Program at Navajo Technical University.[4]

Recognition and awards

  • 2018 Semi-Finalist, New Women's Voices Chapbook Competition[5]
  • 2018 Honorable Mention, National Federation of State Poetry Societies’Margo Award[6]
  • 2018 Finalist, Lit Fest Emerging Writer Fellowship[7]
  • 2016 Thinker in Residence, Art in Odd Places[8]
  • 2007 Finalist, Georgetown Review Poetry Contest
  • 2006 Academy of American Poets Prize[9]
  • 2005 Academy of American Poets Prize

Published works

  • Forgiveness (Finishing Line Press, 2019)[10][11]
  • 50 Poems from Emerging Writers (Samovar Press/Meridian, 2019)[12]
  • Sooth Swarm Journal[13]
  • Noble / Gas Qtrly .[14]
  • Maudlin House[15]
  • Cover[16]


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