Champions of Lixil

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Champions of Lixil  
Cover of Champions of Lixil
Language English
Series Robo Machines Featuring Challenge of the GoBots
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher World International Publishing
Publication date 1985
Media type Print (Softcover)
Pages 40
ISBN 0-7235-7810-9
Followed by Collision Course Comet

Champions of Lixil is a children's book published by World International Publishing in 1985 as part of the GoBots series. It has 40 pages.[1]


Doctor Braxis attempts to kill the Guardians' human allies by replacing the sticks of a group of android hockey players with lethal power beams, and reprogramming the androids to attack the humans.


Guardians Renegades Humans
Scooter Cop-Tur Matt Hunter
Rest-Q Cy-Kill A.J. Foster
Vec-Tor? Doctor Braxis
Fred Major


  • No author or artist is credited in this book.
  • This book is the first in a series of four.
  • Rest-Q is only refereed to as the "ambulance-GoBot" throughout the book.
  • Matt's watch spy camera is drawn to resemble the Cronoform transforming robot watch, a toy which was later written to be a form of Vector Prime, who is the the Transformers counterpart of the Guardian GoBot Vec-Tor.


  1. Champions of Lixil. World International Publishing. 1985. ISBN 0-7235-7810-9. 


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