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Template:Userspace notes Carol Joyce is an American lawyer, with a long career in the US military.

In 1999, while she was a Lieutenant Colonel, Joyce was the chief prosecutor of a case where a Marine pilot engaged in unauthorized aerial acrobatics during what should have been a routine patrol, clipped a cable car's support wire, killing 20 Italian civilians.

In 2006 she was Deputy Chief Defense Counsel for the Guantanamo Military Commissions. As senior Marine officer on the Defense team she imposed a gag order on Sergeant Heather Cerveny and her boss, Lieutenant Colonel Colby Vokey, after Cerveny filed an affadavit documenting the routine unauthorized abuse of captives by enlisted personnel at Guantanamo.

Joyce was promoted to Chief Defense Counsel of the Marine Corps.

She next took a post leading a task force intended to protect military personnel who were the targets of sexual harassment or sexual assaults.

Her latest military assignment was as Chief Clerk of the United States Air Force Court of Appeals.