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Caliburn is a Decepticon-aligned Mini-Con or Micromaster partnered with Megazarak.


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"Ask Vector Prime" expanded on Caliburn's character, revealing that there are versions of him in Unicron Trilogy, Robots in Disguise, and Generation 1 inspired realities. In the former two he is partnered with Megazarak, with this partnership leading to boastful antagonism of his enemies in battle. Confident in that advantage he provides to Megazarak, he is woefully ignorant (at least in Unicron Trilogy-based realities) that Megazarak despises him and is always on the verge of eliminating him. His Robots in Disguise counterparts tend to be more cautious and aware of their precarious position, while the Generation 1 version is instead an ally of the Cyberdroid known as Dante.

At least one version of Caliburn came from a reality in which the Great War was a three-way conflict between Galvatron's Decepticons, Optimus Prime's Autobots, and Rodimus' Omnicons. Here he was a product of the mad genius of Primacron, who unleashed them upon the Transformers only for them to be seized by the warring parties. Caliburn became the personal Mini-Con partner of Galvatron, but was offered to an alternate reality's Megazarak as part of an alliance forged between the Decepticons and his Destructicons. However, one the Autobot and Omnicon factions had been slaughtered, Megazarak's forces turned on the Decepticons; it is unknown if Megazarak retained Caliburn when he was subsequently recruited by Unicron.


  • Timelines Megazarak with Caliburn ()
A repaint of the Transformers: Armada Megatron and Leader-1 figures, with Caliburn being a repaint of the latter.