CIA captives the Senate Report said were tortured without authorization

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Individuals identified as being tortured by the CIA without authorization

On December 9, 2014, the United States Senate Intelligence Committee published an unclassified summary of a 6,700 page classified report on the CIA's use of torture.[1] The report identified over a dozen individuals who CIA officials documented torturing without authorization.

The Senate Intelligence Committee identified these men as being the victims of unauthorized torture[1]
isn name current
allegations notes
10024 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Guantanamo various
892 Rafiq Bashir al-Hami Transferred to Slovakia in 2010 suspicious acquaintances
893 Tawfiq Nasir Awad al-Bihandi Guantanamo Unknown
Hikmat Nafi Shaukat Unknown suspicious acquainces
Lufti al-Arabi al-Gharisi Unknown Unknown
1460 Muhammad Ahmad Ghulam Rabbani Guantanamo alleged KSM lieutenant
  • stress positions, beatings, hypothermia[1]
Gul Rahman murdered in custody
  • short shackling, water dousing, beatings, sleep deprivation, auditory overload, total darkness, hypothermia[1]
10015 Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri Guantanamo USS Cole bombing
  • waterboarding, death threats, threats to rape and kill his family in front of him, faked execution, rectal feeding[1]
10013 Ramzi Bin al-Shibh Guantanamo alleged KSM lieutenant
Asadallah aka Muhammad Umar 'Abd al-Rahman Unknown Unknown
10011 Mustafa al-Hawsawi Guantanamo suspected "finacier"
Abu Khalid Unknown Unknown
Laid Ben Dohman Saidi aka Abu Hudhaifa unknown mistaken identity
Abd al-Karim aka Al-Shara'iya Unknown Unknown
  • crippled by torture[1]
Abu Hazim Unknown Unknown
Sayyid Ibrahim Unknown Unknown
1075 Suleiman Abdullah Unknown Unknown
  • subjected to "water-dousing" without authorization[1]
  • Sodomized by the long spout of the jug an observant muslim uses to wash before prayers.[2]
  • Strapado, isolation, sensory bombardment, starvation, extremes of heat and cold, constant darkness.[2]


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