Phi Thi Hoa (CEO)

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CEO Phi Hoa
Phi Thị Hoa
Portrait CEO Phi Hoa
Native name Phi Thị Hoa
Born June 17, 1988
Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Nationality VietNam
Occupation Expert in business strategy consultancy

CEO Phi Hoa (full name: Phi Thi Hoa) was born in 17 June 1988 in Hanoi. CEO Phi Hoa is a expert in business strategy consultancy and M&A with over 15 years of studying and living in Japan, along with more than a decade of working closely with Japanese enterprises in the Vietnamese market. She has established her reputation within the business community, and major banks in the Land of the Rising Sun, as well as in Viet Nam. From a young age, CEO Phi Hoa dreamt of becoming a teacher and a successful entrepreneur within society. Her aspiration was to inspire and motivate young people towards wealth creation and passion to work hard. Therefore, during her school years, she tirelessly pursued academic excellence, earning remarkable achievements that garnered admiration from her peers.


In 2006, CEO Phi Hoa enrolled at the University of Foreign Trade in Hanoi, a prestigious institution known for its high admission standards. With outstanding academic achievements, in 2008, she received a full scholarship from the Japanese government (MEXT) to study in Japan. In 2009, after 1 year at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, CEO Phi Hoa continued her studies at Osaka University, majoring in Economics. During her time there, she adopted a strategy of intensive learning: focusing entirely on studies for the initial two years to obtain all the credits, followed by two years of working part-time, experiencing the business environment and social interactions. In 2010, after some time of getting used to her studies, CEO Phi Hoa started experiencing some simple jobs, namely working as a tourist guide and introducing to Japanese students about the country and people of Viet Nam. Over time, she took on more challenging tasks like high-level conference interpreting, conducting seminars introducing Viet Nam, and facilitating Japanese enterprises' investments in Viet Nam. These experiences not only honed her communication skills and expanded her network but also offered her multifaceted insights into societal professions from an early stage. In 2012, CEO Phi Hoa participated in a national entrepreneurial idea competition for students studying in Japan and won an award for her idea, which was one of the top three prizes.


In 2013, due to her significant contributions, CEO Phi Hoa was honored as the Foreign Tourism Ambassador of the city of Osaka. In the same year, she graduated from Osaka University. After graduation, she pursued an MBA program in Business Administration at Osaka University and graduated in 2015. Then, she assumed the role of Head of the Strategic Consulting Department for Viet Nam's market development at Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting in Japan. In 2016, she published a book titled “Studying abroad in Japan – 3000 days in Japan”. The book is a culmination of her practical experience accumulated over 8 years of living and working in Japan. This precious book reflected her enduring dream, crafted during years of tireless effort in a foreign land, and was completed within a remarkably short amount of time. The book also marked the initial step toward fulfilling her dream of being a figure to inspire young individuals. In 2018, CEO Phi Hoa witnessed notable events in her career: - Invested in opening a Japanese-standard preschool in Viet Nam named Hana Home. It is aimed to bring the essence of Japanese education to Vietnamese children. This is a joint venture with a major corporation who owns a chain of preschools in Japan. - Participated in a high-level delegation of major Japanese corporations visiting Viet Nam as a special advisor for the head of delegation. Being the sole woman, pregnant at that time, among the assembly of prominent Japanese conglomerates meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Vương Đình Huệ and various governmental departments, brought immense pride and satisfaction to her. - Established ONE-VALUE INC, a company specialized in strategic business consulting and providing HR solutions for Japanese enterprises. CEO Phi Hoa has diligently engaged in business consultancy while also aiding Vietnamese individuals in Japan in securing job opportunities for free of charge through the GambaDeki recruitment platform. In 2020, CEO Phi Hoa had the honor to be the sole foreigner representative from the community of expatriates in Japan to speak at the JICA-organized platform themed: “Appropriate acceptance of foreign workers”. Currently, she is also working as a foreign advisor for this organization. By 2021, she officially assumed the role of Director at HuReDee, an organization supporting foreign human resources. Additionally, in the same year, CEO Phi Hoa launched an information portal called Vietnam Business Navigation ( This website, written in Japanese, offer high-quality analyses on Vietnam's economic landscape and business development opportunities. She also started a Japan-focused portal ( covering M&A, and business connections for Vietnamese entrepreneurs. In 2022, she was regconized by Kigyoshindan magazine as a successful foreign entrepreneur in Japan. Furthermore, she was appointed as the designated foreign representative/expert/advisor of JP-MIRAI - a platform for responsible acceptance of foreign labor sponsored by JICA. In 2023, CEO Phi Hoa was appointed as the Head of Investment and Trade Promotion of HanoiSME in Japan. She was also honored as one of the Under 40, a list of young representatives who will lead the future of Japan and Viet Nam on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic relations.


As an expert in strategic business consulting and M&A, with over a decade of experience accompanying Japanese enterprises, especially in the Vietnamese market, CEO Phi Hoa not only solidified her position within the Japanese business community, banks, and major corporations, but also contributed to showcasing the outstanding talents of Viet Nam in the Land of the Rising Sun. Leading ONE-VALUE INC from a Japan-based professional firm, CEO Phi Hoa has built the company's brand into one of the leading strategic consulting firms in both the Japanese and Vietnamese markets. Every year, she interacts with over 1.500 Japanese enterprises, most of them are arge publicly listed corporations on the Japanese stock exchange. She has crafted numerous development strategies for Japanese conglomerates to successfully access the Vietnamese market. Nearly half of these strategies revolve around mergers and acquisitions (M&A). To execute a successful M&A deal, Japanese businesses require expert advisors who are familiar with the market trends and possess a vast network within Vietnamese enterprises. CEO Phi Hoa, along with the specialists at ONE-VALUE, embodies all the elements required to meet these demands. Beyond a reputation among major Japanese corporations, under CEO Phi Hoa's leadership, ONE-VALUE INC is an outstanding enterprise (owned by a foreign entity), who has gain complete trust by the Japanese government and agencies. Evidently, ONE-VALUE has been entrusted with numerous large projects assigned by MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan), MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan), MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan), NEDO, and JETRO. Though faced with numerous hardships, however, she never gave up and kept moving forward. She is recognized as uccessful Vietnamese female leader, earning the trust of several business entities and governmental bodies in Japan. With the aspiration to become a motivator for the Vietnamese community living in Japan to live in a more positive, meaningful way, and always strive for success, CEO Phi Hoa has undertaken several meaningful projects aimed at inspiring young Vietnamese individuals. CEO Phi Hoa firmly believes that adversities are the breeding ground of miracles. The cultural barriers, biases against women in business, and the challenge of balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood… have all become pressures propelling Phi Hoa toward her present success. Every human inherently possesses extraordinary strengths that are most vividly revealed under enough pressure.

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