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The north facade of the Burano building has a three storey lobby, with a large mural on the original structure's wall. Note how the tower's footprint is a rhombus, its corners are not right angles.[1]

Burano Condominiums, is a 50 storey, 163 metre tall residential high-rise condominium complex on Bay Street between Grenville St. and Grosvenor St. in the Discovery District of Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[2][1][3] The redevelopment of the site was part of a period of urban renewal of the Toronto financial district in the early 21st century.[4]

Burano was designed by Peter Clewes of architectsAlliance,[5] and is located across the street from Murano,[1] another one of his Toronto projects that also include Spire, Casa Condominio Residenza and X the Condominium.[6][7]

The Burano was built within the footprint of a heritage structure, an auto dealership, built in 1925.[1] The original structure was designated a heritage structure in 1999.[3]

McLaughlin Motor Car Showroom

The Burano's lower three floors preserve the facade of the former Samuel McLaughlin's McLaughlin Motor Car Showroom, a two-storey heritage building designated in 1999 under the Ontario Heritage Act.[1] Built in 1925 as the R.S. McLaughlin Building, the Gothic Revival building was one of the first automobile dealerships in Toronto, and remained continuously occupied by car dealerships for eighty-two years.[3] Despite its long history, that use ended as part of a reorganization and consolidation of the car dealership industry in Canada.[8]

Due to the soft soil at the site, and to facilitate excavation, the historic facade was dismantled and stored off-site during construction of the seven-floor underground garage. After the garage and foundation appropriate for the fifty floors above ground were completed, the facade was reconstructed, incorporating the important heritage components.[9]

Public art was also incorporated into the Burano, including a large mural on the side of the heritage building.[10][2] The historic building is marked with a plaque, placed in 2013 by Heritage Toronto.[11]

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