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Native name Brody Moazzeni
Born March 26, 1985
Los Gatos, CA
Education UC Berkeley, Baylor University, University of Miami, Florida.
Occupation Actor, Author, Medical/Wellness Consultant, MMA fighter

Brody Moazzeni

Brody Moazzeni is a multi-talented individual who has made significant contributions in various fields, including acting, writing, medicine, and mixed martial arts (MMA). He currently resides in South Miami Beach, FL. He also has published several books which can be purchased on amazon kindle, barnes and nobles and many other platforms.


He has garnered recognition for his diverse roles in movies such as "A Drop of Blood," "Man Walks Into a Bar," "Elza," and "Lee Ice." Remarkably, he is said to be casted for the highly anticipated release of the film "Bad Boys 4." However, it was his critically-acclaimed portrayal of the character Ice Prophet in the movie "Le Ice" that has truly solidified his reputation as a versatile and talented actor. This facilitated ultimately being offered a role as a hitman in the 2019 classic “Kill Chain” alongside Nicolas Cage and Anna Acosta. In late 2021 he was offered and accepted the lead role of the film “Miami Vibes” which is said to be close to finished with filming. The film is said to be your classic Miami style, drama action packed movie which includes all elements of Miami. The release date has been scheduled for 2025.

Beyond the realm of entertainment, Brody has made significant contributions as a medical consultant. With his main background in medicine, he has always maintained medicine is his true passion. None the less he has leveraged his expertise to provide valuable insights and guidance in the healthcare field. His knowledge and experience have allowed him to make a positive impact on the lives of many, offering valuable advice and promoting overall well-being. His intimate knowledge and understanding of LastDNA-Based Fitness is a cutting-edge approach that utilizes an individual's DNA to design customized fitness programs. By analyzing an individual's genetic makeup, this approach identifies specific genetic markers related to fitness, health, and aging. This information is then used to create personalized exercise routines, dietary plans, and lifestyle recommendations that are tailored to an individual's unique genetic profile.

As of 2021, Brody had also ventured into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), showcasing his physical prowess and dedication to fitness. While no outsider to the fight game, starting Taekwondo at the age of 5 and receiving his second-degree black belt by the age of 15 his natural fight instincts and ability to move fast on his feet have not left him. As an MMA fighter, he has perfected his skills and demonstrated his commitment to discipline and hard work. His involvement in this demanding sport further exemplifies his versatility and determination to excel in various domains. A member of Team Gotti, as of November 2023, he holds an amateur record of 3-0. He KOd his opponent in 28 seconds in his first fight.

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