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Brian Kindsvater
Residence Rancho Cordova California


Known for Visual Arts, Entrepreneur

Brian Kindsvater is a California artist specializing in visual works. He sells under his name and various trade and brand names, and currently resides in Rancho Cordova, California. Rancho Cordova is a city in Sacramento County[1].

Art Galleries and Events

Brian Kindsvater is a founding member of Rancho Cordova Arts[2]. His art has been shown in numerous art galleries and at numerous events in Northern California. Galleries and events include the Mills Station Arts and Culture Center (the "MACC") in Rancho Cordova[3],Gallery at 48 in Folsom[4],Rancho Cordova City Hall[5], [6], Gallery 1075 in West Sacramento[7], [8] and the United Methodist Church of Sacramento Second Saturday Art Events.

After the pandemic induced shut-downs Mr. Kindsvater has moved his art from personal shows to online marketplaces.


Brian Kindsvater loves color. Many of his designs are colorful. His designs have appeared on hundreds of products, from canvas and wall art to shirts and hats to bumper stickers and magnets. A growing amount of the clothes he wears, from head to foot, is something he created.

Brian Kindsvater's art has been sold in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe. He sells his art worldwide on sites such as Redbubble and TeePublic.


Fun Americana art. Banana Republic has the American flag on a banana. A hundred dollar is in the shape of the stock market bull.


Fun cow wearing sunglasses and a gold and black rendition of Ganesha.


Vibrant and colorful abstract art. The American flag is changed into a unique and interesting display of neon art.

Charitable Contributions

Brian Kindsvater has contributed to a variety of organizations, including the Ukraine Red Cross, Veterans Organizations, the Disabled and Mentally Handicapped, and Animal Shelters.

Presidential Candidate

Many of the designs he creates are political in nature - for both the right and the left. Tongue in cheek, Brian Kindsvater sometimes puts his name on designs offering his services as an independent candidate for President.

Brian Kindsvater for President

Note all shown art, pictures and designs are copyrighted and are not in the public domain.


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