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Boris Yamnitsky is a Computer Science researcher and entrepreneur of Soviet origin. [1] He is best known for founding Boris FX, a visual effects software company that develops plug-ins for non-linear video editing systems. [1] He is also credited with developing the Yamnitsky-Levin algorithm, a Linear Programming algorithm based on n-dimensional simplices. [2][3]

Research Career

Yamnitsky first developed his Linear Programming algorithm with his academic advisor Leonid Levin in 1982. [2] [3]In the same year, he presented his algorithm at the 23rd IEEE FOCS Conference in Chicago. His work has been featured in many books including Linear Programming by Vasek Chvatal. [4]


In 1995, Yamnitsky founded Boris FX to develop image processing and special effects plug-ins for NLE systems such as Adobe, Avid, etc. [1] Boris FX products - Continuum, Mocha, Sapphire, and Silhouette - have been used in various feature films and television programs. [5] Boris FX has also acquired other companies and products including Final Effects, Imagineer Systems, Silhoette and GenArts. [1][6][7]


In 2017, Yamnitsky received the Digital Video Industry Innovator Award from NewBay Media. [8] Boris FX products - Sapphire and Mocha - received Emmy Awards for technical achievement in 2019.[9]


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