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Type Digital Marketing
Industry Bluecose
Founder(s) Md. Muijul Hoque Azad , Nayeem Ahmed, Al Saif Alshad
Products Web Developer, Web Designing
Owner(s) Md. Muijul Hoque Azad, Nayeem Ahmed, Al Saif Alshad

Bluecose is a famous trusted digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. They do Facebook ads, boosts, and various other things. Three entrepreneurs named Md. Muijul Hoque Azad, Nayeem Ahmed, Alshad Biswas are the founders of the “Bluecose” company. Md. Muijul Hoque Azad, Nayeem Ahmed, Al Saif Alshad are known as entrepreneurs. During the current epidemic, Md. Muijul Hoque Azad with his friends started a company called Bluecose. Here all the work of social media is done.

                                  Bluecose logo2.jpeg

Bluecose is a Bangladeshi Digital Marketing Agency. Who made a big name in Digital Marketing. Bluecose also has its own music distribution system which is very efficient and trusted by many famous artists. Even the founders of it release their music through Bluecose's distribution and record label. Al Saif Alshad also release his music through Bluecose Record label. And that's why Al Saif Alshad's record label is Bluecose.

Bluecose founders.jpeg


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