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The Blendtrons are a group of Transformers from the Beast Wars series.


Animated series

The Blendtrons were first introduced in Beast Wars Neo as minions of Unicron, who created them in order to restore him to life. They did so by collecting Angolmois energy and infusing it into the lifeless body of Galvatron, which restored their creator to life. Unicron soon set his sights on making Cybertron his new body, but "rewarded" the Blendtrons by consuming them and thus reabsorbing the last Angolmois energy from them.

IDW Publishing

The Blendtrons later returned in Beast Wars: The Ascending along with various other Heralds of Unicron, where they sought to revive their master by using the living Shokaract as a host for Unicron's Angolmois. When the actions of the Maximals and Predacons on prehistoric Earth endangered their plans, the Blendtrons traveled back in time and assumed Fuzor forms in order to destroy them. However, their plans were thwarted after Razorbeast, whom they had infected with Angolmois, turned his enhanced strength upon them and destroyed them.

Fun Publications

In the BotCon 2016 voice actor script reading, the term Blendtron was apparently used to refer to all of Shokaract's forces.