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The Bjorne Formation is a formation of sand and shale in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.[1] The southern edge of the formation includes petroleum reserves in Melville Island. The basin also includes Mackenzie King Island, Lougheed Island and portions of Prince Patrick Island, Borden Island, Ellef Ringnes Island, Amund Ringnes Island, and Cornwall Island.

Oil and gas deposits are confirmed through the basin.[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Robert Meneley (2008). "The Significance of Oil in the Sverdrup Basin". Retrieved 2010-06-30. "The 100 million barrel tar sand deposit at Marie Bay (Trettin and Hills, 1966) on western Melville Island is held in a possible stratigraphic trap in the Bjorne Formation where conventional oil has been highly degraded by exposure at surface."