Bill Zhang

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Bill Zhang
Nationality Canadian
Education BS Computer Science
Alma mater Liaoning Normal University
Occupation Business executive

Bill Zhang is a Canadian business executive and entrepreneur who is the incumbent chief executive officer of SkyChain Technologies Inc.[1][2] He has more than twenty years of information technology (IT) experience.

As an entrepreneur, Bill has founded Mass Containers Ltd, Vling E Business, and MiningSky Technology LTD.[3]

Early life and education

Bill is a graduate of Liaoning Normal University from where he received bachelor’s degree in 1993.[4]


After graduation, he joined the university as a Computer Science Curriculum teacher.[5]

In 1995, he became a network administrator for the Agriculture Bank of China and achieved certifications for MCSE and MCSD.[6]

n 2000, he founded his first company named Vling E Business. He started his work at the company as an administrator for Networks, Linux system, Web server, Network security, Windows NT, and Windows systems. Later, he assumed a c-suite role at the company and served as a chief executive officer. During his time at the company, he designed, deployed, and managed the first cryptocurrency data center in P.E.I, Canada with hundreds of open-air rigs for BTC, ETH, Zcash mining. He ran cryptocurrency miners in a data center using IBM and Lenovo servers as well as servers for gaming from the same data center. He optimized air flow controls, designed and installed basic electricity equipment, provided Openstack cloud IAAS deployment and cloud server services to clients in Canada, and provided hosting services for ASIC miners.[7]

In 2007, he founded his second company, named Mass Containers Ltd. where he served as a chief executive officer between 2007 and 2008. The company was involved in designing and manufacturing steel containers.[8]

In 2016, he founded MiningSky Technology LTD where he has been the chief executive officer since 2016. He has designed substations, portable mining racks, mining containers with 3-phase inputs, electricity single line drawings, and deployed transformers. He provided power resource trading and efficient power relocation services to VIP clients by communicating with private power providers, as well as set up currency trading platforms, security protection, password control, practice pool, private chain, and token designs. He designed cryptocurrency mining rigs and motherboards, worked with manufacturers on upgrades and developed proprietary research on cryptocurrency mining.[9]

Since 2015, he has been the chief executive officer of a publicly-listed company, SkyChain Technologies Inc.[10] As an executive, he has conducted research and development (R&D) for GPU rendering node and cluster structure design and completed testing phase, developed upgrades to existing cryptocurrency mining site into Edge computing data center to provide rendering and cloud gaming services. He managed projects including Filecoin mining, GPU virtualization for gaming, a rendering joint venture, a Manitoba cryptocurrency mining facility construction, a Quebec facility acquisition, as well as hosting services.[11]