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Background information
Birth name Behzad Khakbaz
Born 04/22/1983
Genres Metal ,Heavy Metal,Industrial Metal,Hard Rock
Instruments Guitar
Years active 2004-present
Labels Bigzzad-Blue Pie Records
Associated acts Bigzzad, Undergorund Dream

Behzad Khakbaz (Persian: بهزاد خاكباز; Born 22 April 1983) is an Iranian rock musician ,singer, songwriter producer and actor who is best known by his stage name BIGZZAD [1][2][3]. However, he saw no future in his home country. With the help of some devoted international supporters, Behzad was able to flee to Los Angeles, a place known for debauchery and reckless abandon. Finally, Behzad was free to embrace his vision. He gained worldwide fame with His first band, ‘Underground Dream’ which was a fixture in the secretive world of Iranian music, However, rather than playing music ,Behzad[4] began producing Beyond the Bombs[5][6][7].Behzad won the Artistic Spirit Award[8][9] at New Hope Film Festival.Behzad poured all of his energy into his project BIGZZAD[10]. With crushing guitars and impassioned vocals, BIGZZAD[11] pulls off the rare magic trick of creating incredibly heavy music that retains its mainstream appeal.

Early life

Behzad Khakbaz was born on April 22, 1983, in Tehran and is the son of a family of four. Growing up in conservative Iran, Behzad’s rebellious spirit naturally drew him to western music, particularly hard rock and heavy metal . He was studying IT at University but has dropped out of university due to pursue his dream as a rock musician. Bigzzad currently lives in the United States since 2016 . His first band, ‘Underground Dream’ was a fixture in the secretive world of Iranian music, Newly inspired by the dramatic change of scenery, Behzad poured all of his energy into his new project BIGZZAD With crushing guitars and impassioned vocals. 


Bigzzad style has changed throughout his career. During 2004 he was known for his aggressive thrash songs which highly popular among heavy metal fans in Iran. The best examples of this are Underground dream’s Album Maximum gain and something not in vain . After 2016 Bigzzad grabs the attentions via his riffs ,What follows is a masterclass in innovative metal, packed full of hooks, and memorable guitar riffs.

Bigzzad Singles

I Don't Have the Heart[12][13][14][15]


Beyond The Bombs[16][17]


Artistic Spirit Award [18][19]

Underground Dream Singles

Set Me Up Nights Rolled On

Underground Dream Albums

Maximum Gain[20][21] Beyond The Bombs [22][23] Something Not In Vain


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