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Real Photo Of Berki Ferenc
Native name Berki Ferenc
Born 14 December 1985 (1985-12-14) (age 37)
Miskolc, Hungary
Residence Hungary
Nationality Hungary
Known for Author
Home town Miskolc, Hungary
Religion Christian


Berki Ferenc is a Hungarian NFT-ARTIST, Marketing Specialist, Multilingual Translator. He has skills in International Law,International Politics, Investment Fundamentals, and Sustainable Development. He speaks English,Germanian,French,Swedish,Norwegian,Danish and has the following educations: -International Law -International Politics -Investment Fundamentals -Sustainable Developments -Economist -Marketing Specialist -Ancient Philosophy He has excellent skills in Sci-Fi writing,Stand-Up Comedy, Horror-Tales. He was the first NFT-Comicbook Artist, who created the Space-X (Shiba Inu), The Marshmello, and Fortnite-X Comicbooks, before Shiba Inu went viral. From the Space-X printed Comicbooks 7 printed editions were created, from the Fortnite-X 4 pieces, from the Marshmello 2 pieces. The Estimated Price of the Space-X(Shiba Inu)Comicbooks are 70.000 dollars of a piece. The Estimated Price of the Fortnite and Marshmello Comicbooks are about 43.000 dollars. He is the Co-Author and Publisher of the Gravitational-Based Energy Storage System Invention,which can provide us the greatest alternative of energy storing. In 2021 Berki Ferenc created the first NFT-Comicbooks: Space-X Comics(Shiba Inu Comicbook), Fortnite-X Comics. The Shiba Inu Comicbook weren’t viral because he didn’t wanted to publicate it,although the 6 printed edition of the comicbooks can worth 7,6 million Dollars because of its rarity.

Family Life

Berki Ferenc was born in Hungary,Miskolc in 14 December 1985 (1985-12-14) (age 37). His father was a Welder, his mother was a Shop-Assistant. He had been through a lot of family issues,because of his parents, and moved away when he was 18. In High School he wasn’t a good stundent, only in Foreign languages, Marketing Studies, and Economic Studies. Even though he has a photographic memory,was only interested in financial studies and foreing languages. After Graduation in High-School with an average of 2.4, he started to work in an assemble factory in 2005 with a monthly income of 230 USD. During these period he met the mother of his son, Nicolas, who unfortunately died in 2021 with cancer issues. After he decided to create a charity organisation, which supports families with cancer issues. He works for a Germanian Company as an Interpreter and HR-Specialist,he donates his income for charity activities.

Although he didn’t sell till this day any of the NFT-Comicbooks, he’s looking for a Customer who can create a much higher value of them. He has a wife, called Kriszta,who’s a hairdresser in Hungary, they’re fighting against Climate-Change and for Sustainable Development. With the owner and creator of the Gravitational-Based Energy Storage System ( Mr.Szikra Kálmán), they would like to save our Planet and every human beings in this World.

BOOK PUBLISHED: Shiba Inu NFT Comicbook