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Ben Phillips
Personal information
Born Ben Phillips
10 October 1992 (1992-10-10) (age 31)
Origin Wales
Nationality British
YouTube information
Years active 2013–present
Subscribers 2+ million
Total views 100+ million
Network Comedy Central
32px 100,000 subscribers 2016

Ben Phillips (born October 10, 1992) is a British YouTube personality with over 2 million subscribers, and a vlogger and actor. He started making Vines with his then-girlfriend's son. The Vine account was called Ben and Elliot, following the split, Phillips rebranded his account and continued making solo Vines until his account was hacked in March 2015.

Personal life

He is from and is currently based in Bridgend, Wales. He currently focusses his time in pranking his brother Elliot Giles uploading these videoed pranks onto Facebook and YouTube (not really using Vine). Although it has never been officially announced, many people belive these pranks to be fake due to the way they are conducted sometimes several per-week or per fortnight and continuity errors are often spotted in these pranks. In addition Elliot has developed a catchphrase 'stop recording!', which adds to the fake debates. Phillips also has a phrase which is "sorry bro", which became the title of his 2016 Biography "Sorry Bro".


Phillips started his self-titled YouTube channel in 2014. As of September 2014, Phillips YouTube channel "Ben Phillips" has over 2 million subscribers. Phillips started his career by posting 5 second videos on Vine where he was getting millions of views and shares each day, he is best known for pranking his best friend Elliot who he lives with.

In 2014 Phillips was becoming more know and in September 2014 phillips started his YouTube channel and has since had his own TV show in 2017 (In production), World tour in 2016 and realising his own book which went to number 1 best seller on Amazon UK.

Ben Phillips Blows Up

In December 2016 it was announced that Comedy Central had given Phillips his own TV comedy prank show which will start airing in Spring 2017. The show titled Ben Phillips Blows Up is being produced by Channel X and will air on the main Comedy Central channel in the UK in the spring. The 1×22’ pilot will feature Phillips and his circle of friends playing a prank on his long-suffering mate Elliott, only for it to backfire.


Ben Phillips, realised his biography written by himself, it was published in hardcover in November 2016.[1]



Year Title Role Channel Notes
2017 Ben Phillips Blows Up Himself Comedy Central UK Also co-producer and writer (In production)

World Tour

It was announced in 2016 by Phillips himself via his social mediad accounts that he would be going on a world tour. The tour was so big that there will be a second tour in 2017.[2]

Year Title Notes
2016 ben phillips live cinematic experience
2017 TBA


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