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Beast Wars: Shattered Glass is a story arc of the Shattered Glass story line from Fun Publications. As it's name indicates, it is derived from the Beast Wars portion of the Transformers franchise, featuring Transformers: Classics characters assuming beast forms on the Shattered Glass universe version of prehistoric Earth.






  • Megatron's crew greatly resembles the Predacon crew of Beast Wars Second, though with a number of differences:
    • There is no analogue to Galvatron, with Megatron instead resembling his brother Megastorm and piloting a vehicle based on Megastorm's enhanced form, Gigastorm.
    • Of the Predacon jets, only Dirge appears-here a reformatted version of the Decepticon instead of an identically named Predacon-and he does not assume a cyborg animal alternate form.
    • Only two of the Autorollers are present and are depicted as reprogrammed Autobots; interestingly, it is the pair whose toys were not repaints of Transformers: Generation 2 figures.
    • Here the Seacons that form God Neptune are four of the same Seacons that form Piranacon with altered color schemes; Nautilator and Tentakil are killed in the story, and their place is filled by an alternate Scylla who like Autojetter and Autolauncher is a reprogrammed Autobot.