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Mastermind Creations character
Backdraft box
Created by

Mastermind Creations
Release number

Aliases Vulcan
Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Mitsubishi Fuso fire truck

Search & Rescue

Backdraft (also called Vulcan) is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Inferno made by Mastermind Creations in 2016.

Mastermind Creations

Backdraft is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Inferno. The design of Backdraft was inspired by Studio Ox designs of Inferno.

Fictional biography

The being known as Backdraft came into this universe during the rise of the Great War. His entire life was a crucible of endless battles, forging him into the powerhouse that he is. Entrusted with the role of sentry on a small but strategically important world, instead of an enemy to fight he found a world of small, soft creatures that needed his protection. Choosing a form that suited his massive bulk, Backdraft spends his hours tirelessly aiding the indigenous species, waiting for the day he will be called to defend them with weapon instead of water.


Backdraft was first revealed under the name Vulcan.

Sculpting for Vulcan was done by Jesslyn Makes Robots.[1]

A prototype for Vulcan was displayed at TFcon USA in October 2015.

Vulcan's name was changed to Backdraft in November 2015 so as to not cause confusion with Maketoys's Vulcan and Planet X's Vulcan.[2]

Mastermind Creations posted the first pictures of Backdraft online in February 2016. It went up for preorder later that month with a release expected in April.


Backdraft was received well. The toy was praised for its use of diecast, chrome and rubber wheels, and high level of articulation.

The most commonly encountered problem was the crotch not tabbing in fully in robot mode. Ocular Max responded to this by providing replacement crotch pieces to collectors who encountered this problem.


  • Mastermind Creations PS-03 Backdraft (2016)

Accessories: Gun

Backdraft transforms into a truck resembling a Mitsubishi Fuso. The sculpt seems to take a lot of inspiration from the Generation 1 toy of the Autobot Inferno, perhaps more than his animation model. Backdraft has rubber wheels and an extendable chrome water cannon on the ends of both his left and right arms. One or both cannons can be switched out for a hand. An unusual level of articulation can be found in his feet- a leftover bend from transformation allows them to tilt in half.

Backdraft includes two heads, based on the two separate designs that featured in the Generation 1 cartoon. His ladder can extend to an impressive length, similar to the original G1 toy. The metal stabilizers on the sides of the vehicle can be pulled out.

Along with instructions, Backdraft comes with a stat card and decoder, and two sets of waterslide decals which can be applied to make him resemble his real life truck counterpart.

This toy was remolded into Girder, Kojin and Roadcrane.



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