Babu Tarak Chandra Chowdhury

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Babu Tarak Chandra Chowdhury
Native name বাবু তারক চন্দ্র চৌধুরী
Died 1939
Education Presidency University, Kolkata
Occupation Zamidar, Social Reformer
Title Zamindar of Shashidal

Tarak Chandra Chowdhury (1842-1939) was a Hindu Zamindar of British India in the nineteenth century.[1]

Birth and genealogy

Tarak Chandra was born 1842 in an aristocratic Hindu dynasty in the village of Tetabhumi in Shashidal Union.[1] Tarak Chandra's father was a man of sweet temperament, fine taste and artistry. Tarak Chandra's mother was a very beautiful and majestic woman. His mother's influence on the character of the teenage star Chandra was greatest.[2][3]

Childhood, adolescence and student life

Intelligence and character traits were found in Tarak Chandra from a very young age. He started his early education at home with Brahmin Gurumshay. He was different from everyone else because of his talent and intelligence. His energetic form was dormant at that time for his calm, slow and restrained nature. He acquired knowledge of history, justice, science, etc.[4]

Social reform

In the old days, the lower caste Hindu community and Muslims were deprived of the light of education. Babu Tarak Chandra was exceptional from other Hindus.[5] He did not believe in religious discrimination. For this reason he preferred the lower caste Hindu community and the Muslims.So he decided to establish a school in this village. He was childless so people close to him asked him to name the school after him. But he did not agree to their words and established the school in the name of Shashidal Union and not in his own name.[6]