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Type Independent Record Label
Industry Music
Founder(s) Ahmahd Isaiah Daniels known as Littorious
Area served Worldwide
Key people

BAG OR NO BAG THE LABEL LLC is an independent record label & limited liability company that was established on December 7, 2020. Ahmahd Isaiah Daniels (also known as Musical Artist Littorious) is the Founder.

The company's primary focus is bringing musicians in the Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop genres and giving them the market where they need to advertise their songs and establish their mark. Bag or No Bag The Label LLC's concentration on the industry's digital environment allows them to keep expenses low compared to competitors while also expanding their reach well beyond their immediate markets.[1]


Bag or No Bag The Label LLC was founded on December 7, 2020, in Staten Island. The cofounders of the company were “Ahmahd Isaiah Daniels”, also known professionally as Littorious is the Creator, along with Member/Artist “Elyjia Otis Travis”(Also Known professionally as Estacks Rundown) And,“Demetri Stanley Jewell”, (Also Known professionally as "Numba 47". They debuted on October 19, 2020, with the single "Felons," January 9, 2021, with the single "Bosses," February 19, 2021, with the single "Voices of the trenches," and December 14, 2020, with the single "End of the Summertime."[2]

Company mission

The firm is a record label that aims to give all musicians equal opportunities. The primary goal of the company is to locate, develop, market, and promote all musicians' work.

Goals of the Company

Short Term Goals (within the first fiscal year)

Indicate at most THREE new performers to a deal. The Fearless imprint releases its first full-length album—a following of at least 500 people. The number of followers on various social media platforms is used to calculate this. Between the first and second label releases, there was a 25% rise in streams. Streaming providers for example; Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal give data. Compared to the first-week sales of the label's last offering.

Long-Term Goals (1-5 years)

To the roster add FOURTH musicians—5% increase in revenue stream (per year). Streaming, digital, retail profits, and publication revenues are all factors to consider. Year-over-year sales growth of a company and how it compares to the broader industry's revenue performance. The goal is to outperform the industry average in terms of development.

Sound Recordings

UnitedMasters will release sound recordings in digital format. The musician lists and new releases will be available on over 150 digital platforms through UnitedMasters. The platforms are interactive streaming services, while Pandora and Radio are non-interactive. UnitedMasters will also be in charge of putting our songs onto iTunes and Amazon and online radio stations Sirius and iHeartRadio. Lupe Fiasco's Apple Music artist distributors will shift from UnitedMasters to The entire world when Bag or No Bag The Label Llc grows and develops more capital and brand awareness. UnitedMasters has a collaborative relationship with Entertainment Alliance, the leading worldwide UnitedMasters distributors wholesale in the United States. This partnership allows the company to offer physical versions of our products in stores worldwide, resulting in increased revenue and reach in the future. These

distribution costs will drop as Bag or No Bag The Label continues to deliver tangible volume to the retailers and expands their production. On the other hand, the company should not explore physical distribution unless it is in a financial position to bear the additional costs while maintaining the different parts.

Artist Development

The capacity to uncover and evolve new talent is critical in the music industry's success. Finding and getting new acts, the company is in charge of the marketing, distribution, and product licensing created by performers. Bag or No Bag The Label defines artist growth as everything needed to take a musician from their initial stage of development to their breaking point of being a star. The musician’s development services are channeled toward identifying each unique selling proposition act. Bag or No Bag The Label and its artists collaborate daily to ensure that they deliver individual items that fit the changing needs of their Artists/ Members & employers.

Marketing and Promotion

Bag or No Bag The Label marketing and promotion services are designed to assist artists in reaching their intended audiences. Talented musicians who lack a substantial fan base risk, not at all attaining the success they earned. The primary purpose of the services is to assist musicians in gaining new followers and maintaining existing ones: interrogations, album reviews, artist spotlights, and other co-branding forms with digital and traditional media. The company will work with its musicians to grow their listeners and brand loyalty.


Even though the recordings are protected immediately when they are made physically, Bag or No Bag The Label intends to file each song or album individually with the United States Copyright Office if they are distributed together. As a result, Bag or No Bag The Label will be capable of filing a lawsuit against someone who is believed to have infringed on their rights. The rights and remedies concerning the work are limited if it is not registered with the Copyright offices to ensure that the artists' brands are appropriately protected. Bag or No Bag The Label has registered trademarks. These Fearless trademarks protect the artists from unauthorized use of our images, logos, or other identifiable signs that identify their products and companies.[3][4]

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