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Picture of Atiqur Koushik
Native name আতিকুর কৌশিক
Born August 20, 2001 (2001-08-20) (age 21)
Sharsha Jashore
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Citizenship Bangladeshi
Education Sharsha Model Pilot Secondary School, Mangrove Institute of Science and Technology
Known for Digital Marketing Expert
Notable works Founder, Marquto Trading Limited
Height 5 Feet 8 Inch
Awards Google Digital Marketing Certification (2022)

Atiqur Koushik Verified.png a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and e-business expert, established the e-commerce platform Marquto Trading Limited in 2019. He has Google Certification and he is a professional in Digital Marketing. He also knows a lot about SEO, web development, company development, automation, sales force automation, cyber security, and other relevant subjects. He conducts online research to improve the effectiveness of Digital Marketing automation. Additionally, he is using his expertise to support the expansion of Bangladesh's numerous entrepreneurs.

Professional Biography

Atiqur Koushik Verified.png is one such young entrepreneur and linked to his ability fascinated with this profession. Aiqur Koushik has maintained to be a well-known figure in the market since he has produced a milestone in this subject that will enable everyone to lead it. Digital marketer Atiqur Koushik is a successful young entrepreneur. He still conducts business with his clients all over the world using tried-and-true digital marketing techniques. The internet now controls the entire universe. We currently see a seamless transition of our regular business operations. The same goes for marketing and advertising. Digital marketing experts are specialists who search for an equivalent. Atiqur Koushik is one such young person who has drawn energetic people to this sector. He is knowledgeable about digital marketing, which enables him to provide his clients all around the world with custom marketing solutions for their companies. He was able to assist many of his clients in expanding their businesses despite the fierce competition, which made it useful for their target market. He was able to provide them with some of the best solutions in a short amount of time, helping them advance their companies. More than 500 clients from all across the world have so far received his services. Additionally, he has assisted several people, figures, celebrities, politicians, business people, and national and international businesses in marketing initiatives. Everyone acknowledges his success as a seasoned serial entrepreneur. Everyone is pleased to have a solution. At the end of the day, he makes sure that his clients receive all the promises, values, and favorable outcomes. Due to the high rate of repeat business for his numerous digital marketing projects, he has been able to establish a solid reputation with his clientele. Additionally, he enjoys supporting young, ambitious people as they try their luck in digital marketing. Because of this, Koushik is now a knowledgeable and well-liked digital marketing expert, not only among his clients but also among others who know him. He is successfully managing the field of digital marketing for individuals who are considering starting their own businesses.

Early life and education

Koushik was born to Muslim parents in Jashore District. From 2018 to 2020, he was a student at the Mangrove Institute of Science and Technology, however, he never finished his computer science diploma from Mangrove Institute of Science and Technology


Marquto Trading Limited- Founder and Managing Director From 2020-Now

Best and fastest Delivery, Monomaniacal Experience, and Appear After-Sale Service were the democratic values of Koushik's e-Commerce platform Due to its excellence, Marquto became an e-commerce success story in Bangladesh.

China Basis Trading Limited- Country Manager From 2028-2020

In 2018, Koushik Atiqur Launched a Bangladeshi e-Commerce startup named With his excellence in startup management and branding, Marquto acquires a great net worth by the end of the year.


National Prize- Not Yet.
Google Certification- certified in various platforms of Google as Web Developer, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing, and so on.
Facebook Certification- certified in various platforms of Facebook as Boost Your Marketing With Facebook Pixel, Business Manager, Ad Policies for Content, Creative, and Targetting, and so on.

Social Media Handles

Facebook , Instagram , Linkedin, Twitter


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