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Atassa is a journal covering topics such as deep ecology.

Parts of it are available on the Internet Archive[1] and on the Anarchist Library.[2]


Atassa is the Muskogee word for "war club."[1]


Atassa 1

Title Author
Presentation the editors
The Flower Growing Out of the Underworld: An Introduction to Eco-extremism Abe Cabrera
The spilling of blood on the paths of "absolute truth" Orkelesh
Apostles and Heretics John Jacobi
ITS: The Invisible Menace Regresión
Sighs Lunas de abril
Lessons Left by the Ancients: The Battle of Little Big Horn Regresión
The Return of the Warrior Ramon Elani
Atassa: Lessons of the Creek War (1813-1814) Abe Cabrera
The Seris, the Eco-extremists, and Nahualism Hast Hax
(Roma Infernetto - "Shit World"): To Profane and Devour A member of the Memento Mori Nihilist Sect
Regresión #3 Editorial
Indiscriminate Anarchists Seminatore
Today XXV//X
Surviving Civilization: Lessons from the Double Lives of Eco-extremists Regresión
To the Mountains Lunas de abril
Kaczynski's Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How: A Critical Assessment S.
The Singing River anon

Atassa 2

Title Author
Introduction: Caveat Lector
Hostis Humani Generis: eco-extremism, demonology, and the birth of criminality Adrien Rouquette
Some Reflections on Modern Human Action from the Eco-Extremist Perspective Ozomatli & Huehuecoyotl
A New Revolutionary Phraseology Jeremías Torres
Breaking Down the Bars of the Anarchist Cages: brief reflections of an ex-anarchist Ex-anarchist
Poem Krren oscuro
The PsychoPathogen: the serial killer as an antibody response to modernity Ezra Buckley
Tangled Hostility kohelet
The Mara Salvatrucha: the most dangerous gang in the world Extinción
A Statement from Innocence: a spirit from the South
Lions in the Brush: on the anatomy and guidelines of cell-structured resistance el borracho (nömad warfuk)
Paraguayan People’s Army: what can we learn from them? Ajajema
Letter to an optimist Jeremías Torres
Weak Words Concerning Human Reasoning Huazihul
At-Tux D.G.
“No Such Thing as Life without Bloodshed...” or The Force of Tragedy in Anti-Humanist Politics Magpie
Reflections on Freedom Zúpay
On Terrorism and Indiscriminate Violence Fiera
For a Metropolis against Itself Eleuterio Pinto Paredes
Out of the Self: a sermon for the dead Abraxas
Eco-extremism and the Woman Meztli
Eco-extremist Women Speak Yoloxochitl & More
A Note on Reproduction from the Eco-extremist Perspective CW
Eco-extremist Spiritual Exercises various


The content is in the public domain.[1]

In the first issue, the editors write that they "don't advocate that anyone consider this journal an exhortation to action," but rather are here to "tell it like it is."


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