Ashraf Uddin

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Ashraf uddin

Picture of Ashraf Uddin
Born Ashraf uddin
9 September 1994
chhagalnaiya Feni
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation singer and musician
Known for Music artist, Business
Notable works Music artist

"Ashraf Uddin " He born in Feni Bangladesh Basically he focused himself on music artist , and business, but as subsidiary he also put himself on many social activities.. He was born in 09/09/1994

Ashraf uddin has been very interested in music since childhood. He uploads his first video on YouTube on 16 November 2021. In the beginning, his video views were very less. But still, he kept uploading videos on Youtube and other social media. And within a few months, Ashraf uddin video went viral, resulting in a huge increase in his Subscribers and followers. Then his popularity increasing sharply on social media. followers on Facebook as of May 2021. Ashraf uddin productions,an. Currently working with a big Bangladeshi music production like


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