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Ashish Kumar Mishra[1] is an Indian Journalist and Entrepreneur. He was born on 30 May 2001 in the Mariahu, Jaunpur District of Uttar Pradesh. He lives with his family in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Ashish Kumar Mishra is from the Mariahu, Uttar Pradesh. Ashish Kumar Mishra is the Founder and CEO of Spot News 18[2].
Ashish Kumar Mishra
Born Ashish Kumar Mishra
30 May 2001
Mariahu, Jaunpur, UttarPradesh
Nationality Indian
Citizenship India
Education BSC Computer Science
Occupation Journalist, Entrepreneur
Organization Spot News 18
Known for Founder and CEO at Spot News 18

Online News Media has expanded in the wake of a pandemic, despite the closure of many offline businesses. It has grown 30% in the previous year and is said to rise 50% this year.

Many Entrepreneurs flourished during this time. Ashish Kumar Mishra is one such example who started off as a WordPress developer and has become a successful entrepreneur.

Early Life

Born in Mariahu, Uttar Pradesh, Ashish Kumar Mishra started Online News Media at 19. His mind was always curious about digital news, and soon after his HSC education, he started his endeavours to learn coding, Web development and fundamentals of digital news media.

At the fragile age of 19, Ashish Kumar Mishra is the founder of “Spot News 18”, an Online News Media. This website provides opportunities for the user to get the Latest and Online News. His website currently offers other news like Indian News, Technology News, Entertainment News, World News, Sports News, Fashion News, Health News, Lifestyle News and Much More.


Ashish Kumar Mishra was just a teenage blogger when he started learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This knowledge helped him build a base to establish a successful company.

He founded “Spot News 18” two years ago after facing a lot of struggles and hardships. His company has now become popular among the digital news media; Ashish Kumar Mishra has received much positive feedback from users about his company. His company fosters thousands of foreign readers and domestic readers.

The determination and focus that Ashish shows in his work have attracted the readers to his company. His passion for computers and technology has led him to reach these heights. His company “Spot News 18[3]” has become a household name in digital news media.

The company turnover has leapt close to one million in just a year and is expected to grow beyond because of the hard work of the founder. Ashish Kumar Mishra has kept his startups high and mighty because of his desire to achieve higher.

He has always focussed on delivering high-quality news to his customers and their loyalty towards his startup. His company has various international and national readers, and the numbers are increasing day by day.


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