Aryan Ashik

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Aryan Ashik

Aryan Ashik in 2017
Born 25 December 1995 (1995-12-25) (age 25)
Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Residence Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Occupation Musical artist, actor, entrepreneur [1]

Aryan Ashik is an Entrepreneur, musician and supporting actor from Bangladesh who has been worked on several popular films. He has also composed several film score albums and released solo album. He published a book titled" Achieve Your Goals in Silence " in 2017.


Aryan Ashik is a young Bangladeshi entrepreneur, founder, and media personality in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. He already achieved a successful career.


He is a hardworking and dedicated person to his work. He is the founder and CEO of an internet company.[2] He has earned worldwide popularity for his hard work and dedication to his work. He has his own websites. There he supplies authentic information and news about someone's celebrity or any incident. Besides his own earning, Aryan also gives income sources to unemployed teenagers and youths so that they also can be able to be industrious. He gives his employees proper opportunities to grow their creativity. He was started his career while he was still a teenager. And now, he gives the job to teenagers and helps them to grow their creativity.[3]

Media and Films

He has collaborated with several internet companies. He also has been worked on several popular films. In 2013, Aryan acted in a Bengali film named "Ant Story" as the character of Kabir. In 2017, he worked in the "Koto Shopno Koto Asha" film. He played a Professional killer role in the "Dhaka Attack " film in 2017. He is also a musical artist and a model. He has been photographed by Prito Reza, one of the best photographers from Bangladesh.

Music Albums

Aryan released his first song "Dream Persona" on 8 October 2017. Later, he released another song " My Supergirl" on 2 January 2018. He has released a total of two solo albums and composed more than 10 films. He is a well-known composer.


He has published a book in 2017. Aryan wrote this debut novel in 2017 while he was working on entrepreneurship. His first novel book is "Achieve Your Goals In Silence ".[4]


So far he has worked in Bollywood and his artwork has been released in Hindi language movies.[5] He has also done some philanthropic work. He was part of the Free Blood Donate and then created his own foundation. At a very young age, Aryan has already gained so much popularity and fame through his hard work. He is now a successful person who has achieved his goals and also has the ability to help someone find their goals in life!


Title Album details Peak chart positions
Dream Persona
  • Released: 8 October 2017
  • Label: Aryan Ashik
  • Formats: Music download|digital download
My Super Girl
  • Released: 2 January 2018
  • Label: Aryan Ashik
  • Formats: Music download|digital download


Year Film Role Language Notes
2013 Ant Story Kabir Bangla
2017 Koto Shopno Koto Asha Bangla
2017 Dhaka Attack Professional killer Bangla


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