Arron Honzik

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Arron Honzik
Born United Kingdom
Residence United Kingdom
Nationality English
Occupation Entrepreneur
Known for Time Trader
Net worth £6 Million

Arron Honzik represents one of today's most impressive young entrepreneurial success stories. After being paralyzed from the waist down in a hit and run, Honzik was able to reclaim his ability to walk and went on to found and grow one of the UK's largest online luxury watch retailers, Time Trader.[1] Relentlessly pushing the boundaries of the impossible, Honzik went on to become Britain’s first Helicopter pilot with a spinal cord injury, a true inspiration to victims of trauma.


In October 2016, Arron Honzik saw things falling apart as he was involved in a road traffic accident and was rushed to James Cook University Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Arron’s spine was broken as the result of a devastating accident, and amid fears that he wouldn’t survive, he was placed in a medically-induced coma to aid his recovery.[2] Less than 12 months later, and with a great deal of determination and intensive physiotherapy, Arron eventually regained his ability to walk.


Arron established Time Trader in 2016 from humble beginnings with the sale of a single Rolex watch. By 2018 it was one of the UK’s most trusted online networks of watch dealers, simplifying the process of locating and securing in-demand watches.[3] and since then the company has grown as a robust team, on a mission to inspire customers, enabling them to buy, sell, and source luxury Swiss watches and fine diamond jewellery, by building meaningful relationships and memorable experiences. The following year, Arron further expanded Time Trader by launching a dedicated eCommerce store, retailing pre-owned watches from the most renowned brands in the world such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille.[4]


In 2019 he opened the doors to Time Traders new location, offering personal consultations and a discreet retail experience to select clients via an appointment-only boutique within Acklam Hall – a prestigious Grade 1 listed building in Middlesbrough. In response to growing demand, Arron also bolstered his team with the appointment of his cousin, Grant Honzik.[5] With extensive experience as a technician, Grant has rapidly expanded his knowledge of the luxury watch industry and is now a reputable diamond specialist with expert diamond grading skills.


Arron is committed to supporting the Middlesbrough community where he was born and raised, and along with his father Ian, is an active fundraiser for the Teesside Family Foundation which aims to improve the quality of life for those in need across the local area.[6]


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