Army of Leodysseus

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The Army of Leodysseus one of the legions in the Mythic Legions fictional setting.

Mythic Legions


This army represents the hardline military branch of rule in Mythoss. Assembled to combat the forces of Arethyr, they are embroiled in a scandal that saw their rightful leader, Attlus, ousted in favor of his younger brother Attila. Among their legions are the Iron Knights.

When his older brother Attlus renounced his claim to leadership of the army of Leodysseus, Attila Leossyr gladly stepped up and grabbed the mantle. A ferocious warrior, Attila embodies the spirit of his army's lion symbol--over-brimming with incredible confidence and charisma. Attila's popularity amongst the people of Mythoss has made him a symbol of hope in a kingdom crippled with fear.
  • Otho (ML1, Male Human Heroic Warrior)
Widely known as greatest warrior in the Army of Leodysseus, Otho stands at Attila Leossyr's side as his closest friend and most trusted advisor. As childhood friends, Otho, Attila, and Attlus were inseparable as they trained for the day that they would walk onto the battlefield. Walking away from battle after battle unscathed, Otho's deepest wound came as a result of Attlus' departure. That departure weighs heavily on Otho, perhaps even more so than on Attlus' own brother Attila.
  • Vitus (ML1, Male Human Heroic Soldier)
One of the last surviving members of the Mercurian army, Vitus is only a shell of the man he once was. Devastated by the destruction of his people and their once glorious city of wisdom and enlightenment, he has set his sights outward on a new mission to protect the entire realm so it does not meet the same fate. In an effort to bring the spark of life back into Vitus, Attila Leossyr asked him to train the Army of Leodysseus in the methods of Mercurian warfare. With this new purpose comes the tiniest glimmer of hope that this great warrior will regain the peace he once knew.
  • Iron Knight Legion Builder (ML2, Female Human)



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