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Arjun Sen
CEO Of Genius Software Marketing Company (GENISoft).
Native name Arjun Sen
Born 1st December 2000
Residence Dinajpur,Barishal
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Occupation Entrepreneur & CEO Of Genius Software Marketing Company
Years active 2011
Known for Ethical Hacker & Cyber Security Expert, Youtuber , Youth Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Software Architect & Developer
Height 6'1"
Religion Hinduism
Parents Nitya Sen and Sangita Rani Dey
[email protected]

Arjun Sen is a YouTuber & Entrepreneur. He is also Owner of Genius Software Marketing Company. He was born on 1st December 2000 in Pirojpur, Bangladesh. He completed his schooling from Jhalokati Government High School and He is now a Civil Engineer. He is only one son of Nitya Sen and Sangita Rani Dey. From the very early age, he was attracted by Science & Technology. Now he lives in the city of Dinajpur in Bangladesh. He offered jobs to unemployed youth in his company. His only goal is to save the youth from unemployment.


This field has attracted young and dynamic youth and one such name is Arjun Sen. He has made a breakthrough in this field so that everyone can lead it and Arjun has remained a household name in the industry. Arjun Sen is a competitive digital marketer and youth entrepreneur. Now he owns a software marketing company. Company name GENISoft Bangladesh. He buys and sells products of software companies like Microsoft, Adobe, ToneC, GmbH, Wondershare etc.He provides people with his necessities and virus free software at very low dividends. The young boys are becoming financially supportive through employment in his company. Their role in bringing money to the country is immense. The role of young society in the development of the country is immense. That is why Arjun Sen is giving job opportunities to unemployed people and will continue to do so in future.He was able to help many of his clients grow their business, making it effective for their audience. In a short time, he has been able to help clients with some of the best solutions that will take their business to the next level. So far he has served over 621+ clients who came from all over. All over the world. Everyone thanks him for being an expert serial entrepreneur and they are all happy to find a solution.He ensures that his clients are served with all the promises, values ​​and good results at the end of the day. This is why he has been able to build a good reputation with his clients, what percentage of the customers he has got for their various digital marketing work. Not only that, he loves to help young and aspiring young people test their luck in digital marketing. This has made Arjun a skilled and beloved digital marketing professional not only for his clients but also for the people around him. He is running the digital marketing game smoothly And for those who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, advice is to "learn digital marketing as well as study, one time study may not give you a good job, but digital marketing will take you to a better place.

Achievements & Experiences

Digital Marketing From Google Garage


Cybersecurity From Cisco Cyber Security


Digital Security Agency


COL-Coursera Workforce Recovery Program


Certificate of WELEARN ICT


Emergency Preparedness & Response


Diversity Tolerance Pluralism By Bohubrihi

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Interrelationship Between Religion and Culture By Bohubrihi


Digital Journalism From REUTERS

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Certificate from SkillUP

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Project Management Foundation

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Mobile Number: 01787707905, 01772703841