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Aries Cat is a ginger Tabby cat from New Zealand owned by Kyle Arnold.

Aries Cat is famous for being the coolest cat in New Zealand.

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Aries Cat Early Years

Aries Cat was rescued by the Arnold family after being caught between a fence and a shed. At the time, Aries Cat was only a small kitten and had been abandoned by his mother when he got stuck.

Aries Cat was taken in by the Arnold family and was given the name "Aries" resembling the astrological star sign which represents the month of March when Aries Cat was found and rescued.

Aries Cat - Coolest Cat In New Zealand

Aries Cat was made famous in New Zealand after Kyle Arnold, his owner uploaded a photo of Aries Cat on the internet which became the number one ranked picture for a cat in New Zealand when people searched the keywords into Google "Coolest Cat In New Zealand".

This became a viral internet meme joke which was often a fun one for people to demonstrate as a way to show how Google's search algorithm works, while also being entertaining.

Aries Cat Retirement

Aries Cat is now semi-retired and living with Kyle Arnold's mother. Aries Cat now spends his days relaxing and enjoying life while being treated well with loads of pats and cuddles.

Aries Cat is known for his playfulness and well mannered temperament.