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Anndy Lian (born in 1979) Singaporean intergovernmental blockchain expert, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and author. [1][2]

Early life

Lian completed his bachelor's in Communications at the Edith Cowan University, Australia, and his Master's in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Wales. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Singapore Polytechnic. [3]


Lian is the founder and former CEO of Linfinity, [4] [5] a local technology company that implements blockchain, targeting the various pain points such as costs, bureaucracy, counterfeit frauds, and many others, into the total supply chain network. [6]

He is a member of the Gyeongsangbuk-do Blockchain Special Committee, Government of the Republic of Korea. [7]

Lian is a member of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA), where he worked alongside policymakers, private sector decision-makers, and experts to create business value propositions for different industries. [8]

Lian is Chief Digital Advisor at the Mongolian Productivity Organization, and the Chairman of BigONE, a global crypto exchange based in the Netherlands. [9] [10]

He is part of the advisory panel at China-ASEAN Business Alliance and a former advisory board member at Hyundai DAC Technology (the blockchain arm of Hyundai Motor Group). [11] [12]

Lian is a partner on blockchain investment at Passion Venture Capital and a blockchain advisor for Asian Productivity Organization (APO), an intergovernmental organization committed to improving productivity in the Asia-Pacific region. [13] [14]

Lian is also the host of the Anndy Lian Podcast. [15]

In August 2021, he joined the EG Association’s leadership board as a Non-Executive Chairman. [16]


Lian is the author of Blockchain Revolution 2030, which contains detailed information on blockchain and its future scenarios. [17]

Recent media coverage

  • Crypto traders panic at India’s vague plan to ‘prohibit all private cryptocurrencies’ Fortune, Nov 24, 2021

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