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Anna Alimani Ponishare-verified.png
Born October 4, 1997 (1997-10-04) (age 26)
San Francisco CA
Nationality American
Occupation Model, socialite, Entrepreneur
Organization Anna Swimwear

Anna Alimani is an American model, actress, and realtor known for her multifaceted career and dynamic presence in the worlds of fashion, entertainment, and real estate.[1]

Early Life and Education

Born in San Francisco, California, Anna spent her formative years in Spokane, Washington, before making significant moves to Beverly Hills and currently residing in New York City. Despite her initial shyness, Anna's journey took a transformative turn during her junior year of high school, propelling her towards a path of self-discovery and ambition.[2]

Anna's academic achievements include completing a dual studies program and earning both her high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree simultaneously. At the age of 21, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business through Purdue University's online curriculum.[3]

Professional Ventures

Anna's career began with a background in personal training and nutrition before finding her true passion in modeling and real estate. Inspired by the Altman Brothers on "Million Dollar Listing," she delved into the real estate world, recognizing it as a means to financial success and personal freedom.[4]

Her journey in sales and self-sufficiency kicked off at McLaren of Beverly Hills, providing her with valuable insights into the dynamics of sales and business operations.[5]

Modeling Career

Specializing in High Fashion, Editorial, Bikini, and Sports Modeling, Anna is represented by Model Couture and EMG Model@, agencies with offices in Los Angeles and New York. Her vibrant and outgoing personality, coupled with her dedication to personal growth, has established her as a sought-after talent in the competitive fashion industry.[6]

Real Estate Ventures

Anna is actively engaged in real estate, handling both residential and commercial properties in New York with a prominent real estate firm. Her commitment to excellence and passion for sales and investments showcase her multifaceted approach to professional success.[7]

Personal Life

Anna's zest for life, knowledge, and new experiences define her as a rambunctious socialite who continually strives for self-improvement in all aspects of life. Her family background, rooted in motivated and accomplished individuals, has significantly influenced her drive and determination.[8]


Anna is dedicated to giving back and supporting Exotic Life Animal Charities to help preserve endangered species. She also extends her support to friends in need, providing guidance and advice to those who seek to help themselves.[9]

Grit and Success

Anna's journey reflects the price of success, marked by emotional, physical, and mental challenges. From initially feeling like a failure to making strategic moves from Spokane to Beverly Hills and finally to New York, Anna's story epitomizes tenacity and resilience.[10]

Influence and Empowerment

Anna envisions herself as a platform for empowering young Millennials, providing guidance, encouragement, and motivation to help them shape their futures. Her influence extends beyond her career, aiming to create a movement of prosperity and success for the generations to come.[11]

Social Media

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