Ankit Malik

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Ankit Malik Ponishare-verified.png
Picture by Ankit Malik
Ankit Malik
Born Ankit Malik
17 November 2002
Hisar, Haryana
Nationality Indian
Occupation Musical Artist, Author
Years active 2021—Presents
Notable works Musician & Entrepreneur

Anku Malik popularly known as Musician. He was born on 17 November 2002 in Hisar, Haryana. Anku's real name is Ankit Malik but mostly he knows as his nickname "Anku Malik " Between his fans and he is also a verified artist from this name. Anku Malik's YouTube channel are also collect popularity from his unique name.

Social About & Successful Life

"Anku Malik" is a Musical Artist. Introduced to the music industry by launching the first song "Emotional" on major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Musizmatch, Shazam, JioSaavn, and many other international platforms.

After some days he release his music on different music platforms, Apple Music, Deezer, JioSaavn, Napster, Pandora, and many other international platforms. You get Anku Malik music on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube Library also.

Ankit is an example of all youngsters who want to fulfill their dreams. Anku is also most search-able person in India. Anku Malik gets his google knowledge panel and verified on there. If we want to know his details then just search on google his popularity name " Anku Malik ".

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