Angela Tramonte

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Angela Tramonte
Born 1990
Died 2021 (aged 30–31)
Phoenix, Arizona
Nationality USA

Angela Tramonte was an American woman who died under suspicious circumstances while on her first visit to Dario Dizdar, a new boyfriend.[1][2][3][4] The pair were both fitness enthusiasts, and were on nature hike, in the Arizona desert, on July 30, 2021.

The pair set out to climb Camelback Mountain, near Phoenix, Arizona.[4] Dizdar described Tramonte telling him she was not feeling well, partway up the trail. He claims they agreed she would return to their vehicle and wait for him to complete his hike to the top. He claims that it was her idea they split up, so that he could take pictures from the summit for her to send to her friends back home in Massachusetts.[3]

Tramonte seems to have been overcome one her way down.[4] Observers have been highly critical of Dizdar, a local Police officer, who should have been aware of the dangers heat-stroke could pose to uninitiated outsiders, like Tramonte. Observers agree that Dizdar should have escorted Tramonte to safety.

According to Ellen Killoran, writing in Crime Online, three other hikers tried to tell Phoenix police about seeing Tramonte and Dizdar on the hike.[5] Hiker Matthew Orr believed he observed the moment Tramonte turned back. He said he couldn't hear the discussion that preceded her return, but said the discussion seemed heated.

Tramonte listed herself as a model.[6]

Tramonte's friends and family say she was very fit and health-conscious, and always carried water so she could hydrate herself, and cannot understand why she did not seem to have any water with her on this challenging hike.[7]

Various news reports described Dizdar being discipline for being deceptive in a previous police incident.[8][9][10][11] According to Fox News:[12]

He was disciplined and placed on the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office "Brady list," which tracks officers with integrity concerns due to past misconduct, according to the Daily Beast.[12]


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