Andrea Collins

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Andrea Collins
Born 1950 (age 69–70)
United Kingdom
Nationality Template:CAN
Other names Andrea Bertorelli
Occupation actor, writer, radio personality and activist
Known for Their breakup inspired her ex-husband's first solo album

Andrea Collins is an actor, writer, radio personality and activist.[1][2]

Collins met Phil Collins when the performed in the same London production, when they were both children.[2] The pair started dating when they were 14, and dated until she moved to Canada, with her family, when she was 18 years old. During the time the pair lived in London Collins occasionally performed as a backup singer in band Collins was in, when he was a teenager.

She appeared in a London production of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, where Vanessa Redgrave performed the lead role.[2] Collins describes being influenced by Redgrave's feminism, stating she was the first woman she ever met who did not wear a bra.

Andrea and Phil re-united when his band's world tour took him to Vancouver, when they were 24.[2] The pair married, and Phil Collins adopted her daughter Joely, and the pair had a child together, Simon.

Several songs Collins wrote are said to be about their relationship. In The Air Tonight and I Missed Again are said to be about their breakup.

Andrea described Collins leaving for a two year world tour mere days after Simon's birth.[2] She described Collins imposing stains on their marriage with multiple affairs.

In 2016, following Phil Collins's publication of a memoir entitled "Not Dead Yet", where she blamed the breakup of her marriage on an affair she had she sued him.[3][4][5]


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